Living large while living small

Most of you know I love tiny homes and the freedom they offer. Freedom from stuff, freedom to move locations and freedom to use your finances for experiences instead of debt! While Real Estate is the way to wealth in the traditional fashion, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your wealth in Real Estate while living small through investing and helping others by providing housing for those that can’t, or don’t choose to own.

I have lived in small spaces and always enjoyed the simplicity of that lifestyle. The freedom to spend more freely on events, trips and growth far outweighed not having more room. Having lower expenses meant I could buy services and higher quality goods all around, that improved my lifestyle too. I’ve also experienced the closeness in my family during those times, living intimately together offers more opportunity for interaction and sharing love. My happiest small space was an 8 x 10 room at my daughter’s, it wasn’t the space, it was purely location, location, location! Directly across the small hall from my almost 2 year old granddaughter Lucy. Providing nightly bedtime tales, slumber parties to snuggle me in my tiny bed, with her monstrous dog Maple and my little furball Vegas, like a jigsaw puzzle we would fit. Massive snow storms trapped us for days at a time in that tiny house that winter. We barely all fit in the kitchen at one time, though there were numerous sessions of bake offs, deliciousness and memories that occurred there, all priceless!

I’ve also lived in sprawling spaces where I actually would visit places in my house when I finally got home from working. These rarely used rooms I paid to furnish, heat and cool were just dust collectors.  Yes, it felt good to pull into my exclusive neighborhood, see my name on the mailbox saying I belonged there. Driving up the long driveway, providing that lifestyle to my family, and occasionally enjoying the space with friends was the rationale I told myself. Looking back, it was an ego driven move, wasteful of my resources and personal time working to pay for it and maintaining it. Later, when my Dad passed, he lived in an impressive looking home, with a grand gated entrance, land with a pond in a very urban location. When I moved in there, I was astounded at the state of the property. It looked good from the street, but nothing worked correctly, the systems were all dated, and the features were broken. It was heartbreaking to experience, he had so much, it was too much. I’ve learned it’s hereditary, and as I’ve done with other traits in my genes, I’m going to work to break the cycle. I suppose, I’m gaining that wisdom that was promised to me from the University of Life, and shared by my Dad way back when. The old man told me when I was slightly wild in my teens, that you only get so many fun tickets, use them wisely. I don’t believe that literally, however on another level, I understand the message. Especially now, as I feel the aches and pains of my daring and adventurous ways, it only took 40 years!

Then there is the stuff! You know what I’m talking about, the inevitable collections of crap that fill our spaces. It’s like it multiplies in dark spaces, put one sweater in the closet and then find three while you’re looking for the only one you thought you had! I delighted several peeps with recycled treasures I found in the closets of my average size house here in Pikesville, this past Christmas. I wasn’t being cheap, just frugal. It was also stuff they really wanted and I didn’t. I’m also planning a downsize this year and I’m really excited about it! I’ve only been here a few years and the amount of stuff I’ve gathered is just laughable! Being an upcycler doesn’t help, I may need it I tell myself.

I’ve attached a link to an article in the Baltimore Sun about the development of tiny homes being considered in Baltimore, check it out. I’m glad the city is looking into these options for it’s citizens. The freedom from chores, expenses and maintenance would do wonders for so many, especially those just getting started and also for the elderly on limited fixed incomes. I’ve investigated creating tiny home communities in MD and came away with a lesson that my pockets weren’t deep enough for the long road to permits and hearings and restrictions that are the opposite of what I was trying to create…a lifestyle of freedom. With more of the public showing interest, growing understanding of the concept, hopefully the regulations will become more feasible. I’ve developed neighborhoods, I would love to develop a tiny home community!

Our experience is the ticket to your dreams!

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Baltimore Sun / Tiny Homes


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