Creating a Vision Board

This is a great time to evaluate what you want for the coming year in life and how your business is going to fund the life of your dreams. Having a plan to create that life is critical! We all have dreams we wish would come true! Creating a vision board will add an element of focus to those wishes and your plan.

You can create a vision board many ways, I’ll share how I create mine using Pinterest and a few art supplies. You can also use magazines, photos and your own drawings if you feel inspired.

First, there are some questions you need to ask yourself to get clarity on what you want in your life.

  1. What do I want my life to look like a year from now?
  2. Who is in my life?
  3. Where will I have been, what places or things have I seen?
  4. What actions fueled my career to make this dream a reality?
  5. How do I feel?
  6. Why are these dreams important to me?
  7. Dream BIG!
  8. Always ask “How can it get better than this?”

Second, create a new board on Pinterest, you can name it whatever you like, I use “Visions of 2016” for this coming year. Search for pictures of those things, affirmations or quotes that resonate with your dream life and photos of family, friends and those who fill your heart with joy that you identified in the questions and add them to your new board.

Third, you will need a posterboard, glue, a printer, I use Sharpies to add quotes, words and drawings of my own. I also like to add embellishments like stickers,  gems and glitter, cause I am all about the sparkle!

Fourth, print out the pictures you have saved to your board and attach them to your posterboard, creating a collage of your new life and dreams. Add your embellishments, let yourself be creative & have FUN!

Fifth, hang your vision board at your work area, over your desk, take a pic of it and post it wherever you need inspiration to keep reaching for your dreams! In your planner, on your phone, computer, or wherever you want to be reminded what your working for!

Here is a picture of what my 2015 Vision Board looks like:


I have mine over my desk in my home office on my chalkboard wall. So much of this board has become my reality! What hasn’t, I can add to 2016 or I can just let it go, if it no longer works for my dreams. You can also add to your board as you go because life changes and new dreams are created everyday as we learn new skills, meet new people and grow into our potential!

One of my favorite parts of using Pinterest is sharing! Team members family & friends can send pins that encourage your dream. The momentum of others collaborating with you on creating your dream life could push you, your life and business to the next level! Here is the link to my Pinterest boards if you would like to get some ideas how to use it:

I also use Leonie Dawson Amazing Life and Biz Planners to gain clarity on where I want to go and creating the map to get there. You can get yours here:

Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life & Biz Planning Workbook

Leonie Dawson’s Shining Academy

Would you like to have a Vision Board Workshop? I’d love to work with you! Contact me at 443-467-1147




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