How to choose an agent to sell your home…

We’ve all seen the shows with the TV Real Estate agents happily putting the SOLD sign on someone’s house. While those agents were easily able to list, sell and relocate the owners in 30 minutes to an hour, that’s not how this works. Selling and or buying a home, takes planning and preparation. There are many decisions to be made when selling your home.

First, you need to consider the options and your BIG why, does this make the most sense for you at this time? Where do you want to move, to a bigger/smaller home, a new area or just a different house for any number of reasons? Is your house ready to sell? Who are you going to trust to help you during this time? Selling property is one of the biggest decisions most of us make, choosing wisely will determine your future and your financials.

The best time to hire a Real Estate agent is as soon as you think you want to sell your home. It’s never too early to start getting ready to put your house on the market. Real Estate agents have seen everything, don’t worry about the kids toys piled in the corner or all over the floor. we are here to share with you what’s important, things that need attention and how to get to show ready. Hiring an agent early can earn you BIG $$$ by addressing the details buyers are going to be looking for, you may be able to add equity in the most prudent ways.

Who are you going to call? Do you call the agent that has been sending you refrigerator magnets for the last 5 years that you have never met? Maybe a relative is in Real Estate? Most people have very limited experience in this area and choose the first agent they speak with. My question to you is, would you hire this person to run your business? Selling a house is your personal business that will impact your life greatly! Hiring the biggest team in the world is a good bet, they have proven systems and results. However, the personal aspect of selling your home may be lost after the initial appointment. Choosing a relative is definitely close to the heart, however may not be in your best interest due to being too close. My solution is to interview agents, choose who you feel comfortable telling your most personal business to. Really, did I just say to interview other agents? Yes I did, we are not the perfect fit for everyone, yet, our experiences are so vast I’m totally confident in our services! Real Estate agents touch your life in the most personal of ways, your life happens at home, how, where and when are all in their hands, choose wisely.

Where do you find agents to talk to? Look around your neighborhood, is there a consistent sign you see that gets results? Ask that relative for an appointment, to talk business. Also, ask friends and family about their experiences selling and buying Real Estate. Did you know there are two types of agents? All agents can sell or help you buy property, however, most specialize in one or the other. The duality of our team allows the best of both worlds, a world class marketing expert to sell your home, and a treasure hunter to assist you in finding a new one.

During the interviews you will become familiar with each agents style, experience and personality. I recommend selecting an agent only after you have weighed the information from all. Yes, I just said that too!

Which agent do you choose? The agent that had all the charts, numbers and statistics presented on their digital presentation? Your relative who knows most about you? Or, the agent that listened to you and your needs to learn how they can help you? We’re the last one, we specialize in getting to know you, your circumstances, your life and where you are going! We will interview you as well, asking questions, defining your dreams and strategically assist you in reaching home.

Now what? Analyzing the property, staging and getting your house ready to be seen by purchasers. This is where it so important to choose an agent early. We all have demanding schedules with work, family and fun, selling your home doesn’t have to be a rush to get ready for buyers when we have a plan. In some homes, we could put the house on the market right away. Others, that’s most of us, live fully in our space and have adapted to clutter, the crack on the ceiling and that drip from the faucet. By evaluating these conditions well ahead of time, they can be addressed without panic. OMG! The buyers are coming hide the kids!

We would love to meet with you to assist with every part of the process!

Rockstar Realtors Becky Hammer & April Richards


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