Let me introduce myself…

While this may be the first post to our blog, it comes with many years of experience in Real Estate.
Let me introduce us, I’m Becky Hammer, REALTOR with KW Legacy in Pikesville, MD. I’ve been in Real Estate since I was born, just kidding, but not really. I fell in love with looking at houses on a family trip, when I was knee high to a pony. I remember wandering through the homes and imagining living there, it was magick! My partner, April Richards is my daughter, also a REALTOR. Needless to say, she learned of Real Estate attending open houses, showings and meetings of all kinds with me while she was young. We spent many days riding around looking at homes, her yelling at me for peeking in windows of vacant homes and falling in love with Real Estate too! She became licensed while attending the University of Maryland in 2003.

My career started in Prince Georges County, in Hyattsville, MD, where I became the neighborhood agent of Hyattsville Hills and the Relocation Director for my brokerage. My very first transaction turned into a neighborhood in Upper Marlboro. I learned all about the processes and details of turning a parcel of land into luxury homes. During this time interest rates were 18%, selling homes was no easy task. I attended numerous trainings and networking meetings through my company, and learned from the best. Soon, I was guaranteeing sales in 30 days through some of the marketing techniques that I had learned and adapted to my business. My family had started investing in properties to rehab and flip, and several to buy and hold as rentals. Life happened and forced some changes that took me out of Real Estate for a few years, although I never left the business of watching the market, seeing homes and planning my comeback. I started a new business in the towing industry and soon became involved in the commercial side of Real Estate, with industrial properties and also apartment complexes and major players in Metro Washington area property management. My business became the provider for the new Washington Redskins Stadium parking management program and it seemed my fate was set for success. Once again life happened, I sold my company and went into a corporate position for a year. I excelled however, it wasn’t for me and I decided it was time to do what I love, Real Estate! I went about the classes, interviews and such and got my start. I partnered with another agent and off we were to accolades of achievement and succcess to the tune of the top 20% in the country! I found my niche, I LOVE selling homes, marketing, showing, and networking are my strong points. My partner the opposite, she loved the details, the paperwork and the administration of it all. It was a perfect match till it wasn’t, and we went our own ways. I had relocated to Southern MD, North Beach in Calvert County to be exact. I found that it was a different world of luxury homes, farms and waterfront properties that I just loved working. I also had begun investing in other businesses, owning a womens fitness center, a contracting company, our family property management business, as well as being a regional director for Mary Kay and several personal endeavors that helped others with life. I learned to wear many hats and how to delegate. The market was crazy good, homes were selling quickly for more than list price and loans were easy to come by. This was just before the crash, we saw it coming, still I rode the wave and I too fell hard when it crashed. I took on the contracting business and soon became the lead sub-contractor for a major contractor and developed crews that were rehabbing homes from Baltimore to Washington. I then had an opportunity to re-enter Real Estate in another venue working with an appraiser. Several months into this position my father and son died in a tragic occurance. We were shook to the core, However my daughter inherited the properties that were left, most needing full rehabs by this time. I turned back to the construction business and also, bought a property that was destroyed to the bones by fire. We managed to fully renovate these properties on a very limited budget and get them sold, rented and 1 that’s a whole other article. So, when I say experienced, I don’t mean we have sold a bazillion homes as Realtors, no we’ve lived it! We’ve owned many homes, businesses, invested with the good, the bad & the ugly, had deals that were too good to be true happen, and lost our shirt, pants and ponytail holders in the process as well. The most important part of all of this is the valuable education we’ve earned through our experiences that we can share with you.

We joined the traditional Real Estate market again in July of 2014 in Pikesville at KW Legacy. I had the good fortune of seeing the signs of a top agent in that office and asked for an interview. I have attended numerous training’s of excellence, joined the committees in our office and participate in the incredible culture of a one of a kind organization, that has quickly become family. I’m looking forward to this chapter of my story more every day, Thanks to the incredible leadership of KW Legacy, I have written an achievable business plan, there are goals & BIG why’s, Vision Boards, AHA’s and I’ve learned to be BOLD in my quest to help others with Real Estate. Have you ever thought of a career in Real Estate? We should talk!     I can’t imagine not having one!

If you would like to put our education to work for you, we would love to help! You can call, join our email list, or follow us on facebook by clicking the links on this page. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We’d love to learn how we can help you!


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